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Communication Issues in Your Relationship

Communication issues are a common challenge in relationships. We learn how to communicate from our family of origin or from other relationships we’ve experienced. Sometimes the way that we communicate is not understood by our spouse or not heard in the way we intend. Communication is learned over time and communication can also be unlearned to improve the way we function in our relationships.

Ineffective communication in relationships frequently leads to arguments and distancing in relationships. Couples frequently argue about the same topics without approaching any resolution. Arguing is a natural part of being in relationship. However, arguing which leads to fall-outs and frequent misunderstandings can detrimental to the health of your relationship.

Benefits of Counseling for Communication Issues

Counseling can help you find ways to communicate your needs in a respectful and understandable manner. When disputes occur, you will learn to listen and be assertive about your needs. Counseling can teach you how to better discuss heated topics. Couples and Marriage Counseling can help you move past long-term communication issues that have plagued your marriage. Counseling will help you process issues in a meaningful way.

Counseling is a big step toward improving your mental wellness. Services are confidential and at your pace. People can see benefits from counseling after about 6-8 sessions. Techniques discussed will need to be applied on a continual basis for long-term results. Sometimes it is best for one or both spouses to receive individual counseling to treat pre-existing issues that are impacting the relationship.

At Kaleidoscope Counseling, we specialize in working through years of communication issues that have impacted your relationships. We have helped couples use the tools discussed in counseling to continue improve their communication at home. We teach couples how to anticipate hot button topics and how to address hot button topics when they arise.