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Facts About Depression

Depression is one of the most common mental health diagnosis and also the most frequent reason that people seek counseling. According to statistics, depression is more prevalent among women than men. Depression can lead to health ailments such as cancer, strokes, eating disorders, substance abuse, high blood pressure, sleep issues and chronic pain. About 80% of people experience relief of symptoms from depression with counseling according to the National Institute of Health.

Impacts of Depression

Depression affects many aspects of a person’s functioning such as work, home, relationships and social interactions. People with depression frequently feel irritable and moody which make it difficult to maintain healthy relationships. Depression can sometimes cause people to withdraw and to isolate themselves from others. Missing work or school due to the inability to get your day started is another way that depression impacts functioning. People may suffer with depression for many years without seeking help for depression.

Counseling for Depression

Counseling can help you to find ways to cope with depression and gain better understanding of causes for depression. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is widely used and is best practice for treating depression. With CBT the technique, you learn to challenge thoughts and change behaviors. Many people experience reduced symptoms and better coping skills with the help of counseling. Other treatments for depression include Dialectal Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness Cognitive Therapy or Positive Therapy to name a few. At Kaleidoscope Counseling we use a unique approach to help you overcome your depression. Therefore, we use an electric approach to best fit individual needs.

Frequent Concerns About Counseling

Counseling is a big step toward improving your mental wellness. Services are confidential and at your pace. People can see benefits from counseling after about 6-8 sessions. Techniques discussed in counseling will need to be applied on a continual basis for long-term results. Depression is sometimes treated along with psychotropic medications. We do not prescribe medications at our practice. However, we will talk to you about your options of holistic options and/or psychotropic medications.