“Reclaiming my time.” Maxine Waters

I help people rediscover how spending time with themselves increases the energy you have toward others. Prioritizing work and relationships over self-care leads to burn out, resentment, depression, and anxiety. We help others best when we take care of ourselves first. Learning how to make time for yourself can be a challenge. However, making time for yourself has many benefits. Sacrificing nurturing yourself when fulfilling roles such as mother, father, friend, or spouse is not necessary. You can maintain yourself and be in relationships with others.

Ending a relationship or being challenged to consider the possibility of ending a relationship is complicated. I help with recovering, exploring new options, and coping with difficult emotions.

Have you ever wondered, “Why do people take advantage of me?” Therapy teaches you how to set limits, boundaries, and develop healthy relationships.


Therapy to address family challenges

“There’s a message in the way someone treats you… Just Listen.”

Managing relationships with difficult family members is complicated. I help people create skills to be assertive and create healthy boundaries in challenging relationships. Complicated family interactions lead to people feeling depressed or anxious. Family relationships are complicated when there is a history of abuse or neglect, substance abuse, emotional neglect, or prolonged unhealthy boundaries.

I help co-dependent, enmeshed, or people from toxic families gain independence from broken or unhealthy relationships.


Dating and Couples Therapy

“There are many things that I would like to say, but I don’t know how.”

Being in a healthy relationship is possible with the right tools. I help couples recover from affairs, improve communication, and rekindle the lost connection. Couples therapy serves as a space to build emotional communication and improve agreement recovery skills. Also, couples therapy can serve as a place to help you decide the next steps in your relationship or to help with recovering from a painful breakup.

Couples therapy teaches you how to communicate your needs and expectations.