7 Natural Remedies for Treating Depression

There are some forms of depression that can be managed with natural remedies. Many people are hesitant to take psychotropic meds for depression due to side effects or the overall impact the medications can have on your body. Natural remedies are often overlooked as a way to manage symptoms of depression. In this post, I will highlight 7 remedies to treat depression naturally.

Talk to an Unbiased Person

Counseling can help with learning how to manage depression, assessing negative thoughts and learning ways to engage in prosocial or positive behaviors. Many times people we know are biased as they see our lives from a certain angle. In speaking with a counselor, you can be open without judgements. Learning how to change your thought process from a professional counselor can help you manage depression long-term.

Vitamin D

The sunshine vitamin is a huge factor in people having symptoms of depression. Fix this by scheduling a doctor’s appointment with your primary care doctor to have your blood drawn. Based on your levels, your doctor will prescribe the right amount of Vitamin D for you. If you are already aware your Vitamin D is low, go to the nearest health food store and began taking vitamin D supplements to get your vitamin D within a normal range. Many of us are unaware of the lack of sunshine we expose ourselves to by working in office buildings, closing the blinds and other ways that we reduce our sun exposure. Small life changes such as taking your lunch break outdoors, going for a walk or sitting outside more often is key to naturally increasing your vitamin D.


Disclaimer: Before taking any supplement, check with a doctor to make sure that the medication will not interact with any other medications you are currently taking or impact any other health issues you are experiencing.

Take a trip to your local health food store where there are herbalist on hand to help you with finding a supplement to help with your depression such as Sunny Mood by Irwin Naturals or Liquid Bliss by Wish Garden.


Environmental factors can greatly contribute to our mood. Being in unhealthy relationships or working in an environment can lead to feelings of unhappiness. We may not immediately be able to change our environment or aspects of our relationships. However, we can take steps toward improving our environment by changing the way we think about where we work i.e. think about the benefits of job or focus on the positive aspects of your relationships.


Any form of exercise can help. If you have challenges with committing to an exercise regimen, start by walking or engaging in light yoga. Exercise increases your happy endorphins. Join your local join or attend a fitness class.


Getting ample sleep helps your body to recharge. Without sleep our bodies are mentally and physically drained. Overtime, poor sleep quality can impact your mood. Aim to get 7-8 hours of sleep per night.

Bonus Tip: Birth Control

One of the most common side effects of birth control is depression.If you find yourself experiencing symptoms of depression make an appointment with your local gynecologist. Discuss your symptoms and express your concerns to your doctor. It may be a simple sect of birth control that is needed.