How Hiring Help Can Help Your Relationship: Get a Housekeeper and Other Services

Arguing about household duties can cause dissatisfaction in your relationship. Sometimes the most challenging part of the relationship is learning to live together. We are aware of how we like things done and describing that to a partner takes assertiveness and awareness of exactly what you need. Learning how to co-habitat is easier when we illicit help from outside sources. You may not be able to afford or use all the services below, but using even one might minimize arguments over task in the home. When thinking of adding convenience services, think of the time it takes to complete household task and how you could spend the time otherwise. For example, if you work 9-5 Monday through Friday, do you want to spend Saturday and Sunday completing household task or do you desire to spend your time having fun with your spouse?

Hire A Housekeeper

Cleaning you home is time-consuming and many of us are not trained in the skill of cleaning. Therefore, we spend more time completing the task. Hiring a professional who cleans homes all day is a better idea than taking it on yourself. The frequency of your home being cleaned will vary based on your needs. The time that you previously spent cleaning can be used to spend time with your spouse. Here’s an extra tip, if you think cleaning is not in your budget, post an ad on Craigslist naming your price. You will find tons of people willing to clean your home for whatever price you set. Also, asking someone who currently uses a cleaning service could be helpful.

Food Delivery

Not having to meal plan or think about what’s for dinner can be helpful. There are many services such as Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Home Chef, etc that offer to your door meals. Most places have intro offers so it’s not expensive to test out. The meals come with all you need to make dinner and require little prep work. Also, making the meals together is a date night activity.

Grocery Drive Thru

Many couples argue about who will do the grocery shopping. There is a way to avoid such arguments because this task can be easier. Each grocery store has its own name for this service. At Harris Teeter, local grocer in Charlotte, NC, it’s known as Express Lane. The service allows you to order your groceries online or via app then pick up your groceries via drive-thru. Groceries are ready when you arrive because you’ve ordered ahead. A team member brings the groceries to your car and places them in your car. No more staying in long lines.


Doing it yourself is noble and gratifying. Seeing the finished result of your paint job or the wall art you created is an amazing feelings. It’s also time-consuming and at times stressful. Stop watching HGTV and starting projects. Have someone who has experience do it for you.

This post is no way intended to say stop doing everything, but it is intended to prompt you to take a look at how you feel about the things you do and impact completing task has on your relationship. Managing household task does not have to be a major source of conflict and discord in your relationship. If finances are an issue for using convenience services, discuss whose most efficient at what task and complete task based on who does what well. If you find being assertive in your relationship to be a challenge, counseling can help you learn to find your voice and ask for what you need.

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