At Kaleidoscope Counseling we strive to provide the most effective care. In an effort to build healthy rapport with your therapist it is most effective for meetings to take place weekly for the first 6-8 sessions. After that time, if progress is made, you or your therapist may make changes to the frequency of meetings. We do understand that time constraints and scheduling conflicts can impact the ability to meet weekly. With this in mind, we do offer bi-weekly or monthly appointments. There is no prescribed number of sessions for completion of counseling as counseling is based on an individuals ability, desire and motivation to move through the counseling process.

Life presents us with many challenges that we are not always equipped to deal with. These challenges are not moments that identify our weaknesses. Instead, they present opportunities for us to become stronger as a result of overcoming them. The therapy process is a great way to ensure that life’s challenges are not what defines us as individuals, but instead makes us stronger and more prepared to live happier and more fruitful lives. Therapy can also serve as a preventative measure to ensure that our lives remain productive and that we maintain an awareness of how stressors could be impacting ourselves and our loved ones. When people think about their health they often focus on their physical being. However, without the mind the body cannot follow. The therapy process is the key to living a truly healthy life. Mind, Body, and Spirit.

The initial session is the time for you to begin establishing rapport with your therapist. Furthermore, the initial session is where the therapist gathers vital information regarding the presenting concerns, goals, history and mental wellness. The allowed time frame for the initial visit is approximately 45-60 minutes.

Therapeutic success is closely linked to the relationship between therapist and client, more so than the approach (cognitive behavioral, EMDR, etc.) used to treat the presenting problems. People have greater outcomes when they connect with their therapist, receive positive regard and respect. All of the therapist at Kaleidoscope Counseling are licensed in North Carolina and are expected to adhere to the guidelines of their perspective licensing board.