Communication in Marriage, How Marriage Counseling Helps

Communication problems are the leading reason for couples seeking counseling. In marriages, people do not assert their needs effectively i.e. in a way that is understood by their partner. Needs are not stated due to fear that your spouse will be hurt or will not meet your needs. When needs are stated they are done so in the midst of an argument or after a prolonged period of not stating your needs. Marriage counseling helps improve communication in marriage by teaching healthy ways to ask for what we want.

Marriage Counseling teaches strategies to communicate in a way that facilities your needs being met. Marriage Counseling covers how to communicate about your needs, when to communicate your needs and the importance of being clear about your needs. Below I will briefly discuss ill timing of talking about your needs.

There are times when talking about your needs might be harmful. Here are a few examples below:
– Waiting until you are angry is not a good time to express your needs. In that moment, you may be speaking from a place high emotion.
– During an argument about a different topic than your need. Adding your need in that moment may seem deflective or may take away from the topic at hand.
– When something good is happening. Bringing up your need at this time can ruin a good
-In a social setting. This is a marriage issue keep it in the marriage.
– Under the influence of alcohol or other substances. Being under the influence may lead to you saying things unintentionally or before you have thought through what you planned to say.

Learning new ways to communicate can improve your relationship. Using old tactics to communicate can be ineffective. Counseling can help you learn to implement new ways to communicate. If you would like more information about learning to communicate in your relationship contact Kaleidoscope Counseling 704-680-6414 or

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