Boundary Workshop: Learning To Say No

Do you need more confidence saying no?

Do you feel guilty when you tell people no?

Do you want to feel more at ease in your relationships instead of feeling tired and resentful?

Is it time for you to let go of “people pleasing” tendencies?

Do you tend to over-commit and not have time to take care of yourself?

If you said “yes” to any of these questions, join me for this workshop on learning to say no.
In this small, intimate workshop you will:
* Learn tools and strategies to communicate your needs in a clear way
* Identify your non-negotiables without feeling guilty
* Learn to say no assertively
* Say no without feeling the need to justify or apologize
* Say yes to what you want more of in your life
* Learn to say no with confidence

What We’ll Cover
* What are boundaries?
* The importance of having boundaries.
* The different types of boundaries.
* Reasons people find it difficult to set boundaries.
* Preparing yourself for pushback.
* Areas of your life where boundaries are useful.
* How to tell people about your boundaries.

What is included?
* 1.5 Hour workshop with supporting materials
* Connecting with people with similar challenges

Kaleidoscope Counseling
904 E. 8th St.
Charlotte, NC

May 22, 2019 at 6:30pm


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