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Self-Care Plan

Having a plan makes things easier. The Self-Care Plan is an All-In-One worksheet for you to identify your goals in multiple self-care areas. Use this worksheet to help you on your journey to mental wellness. Download Here Self-Care Plan

5 Benefits of Individual Counseling

What is Individual Counseling? Individual counseling is a resource for people who struggle with mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc. Individuals can learn to cope with stress, interpersonal issues, grief, anger issues, and low self-esteem throughout the process of counseling. The counselor merely opens the door to allow the individual to […]

What to Expect in Marriage Counseling

Reasons People Go To Marriage Counseling Couples go to marriage counseling, or couples therapy, for a variety of reasons, such as to reconnect emotionally, learn conflict management skills, improve communication skills, gain self-awareness, etc. Marriage counseling equips couples with the skills needed to have a healthy and fulfilling relationship–even during difficult times. The marriage counselor […]