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Group therapy is an excellent option for people who want to grow through with the guidance of therapy. Group therapy allows you to gain similar insight gathered from individual therapy, but for a fraction of the cost. In this group, you talk about your challenges in a way that leads to growth. Skills will be taught to help you overcome hurdles in your relationships.  

This group is for you if you’ve experienced:

-Challenging relationships with various members of your family

-Difficulty establishing or maintaining healthy relationships

-Resentment towards parents or significant people in your life

-Physical, Emotional or Sexual Abuse in childhood

-Being Raised By Non-Family Members

-Neglect (Emotional or Physical) in childhood 

We’ll discuss the following: 

How to navigate difficult emotions

How to build skills to manage complicated family relationships

The impact of having unhealthy relationships

Tools on how to nurture yourself

How to address your wounds that fester after childhood

What boundaries are and how setting them will save your sanity

Ways to be assertive

How to beat the holiday blues

And Much More!!!


Wednesdays starting Oct. 16-Nov. 20



904 E. 8th St. 

Charlotte, NC 28204

Nedra Tawwab will personally prescreen everyone to ensure that all applicants are a good fit for the group. 

***Only eight spaces available 

***Participants must be stable enough not to require inpatient care or intensive therapy. 

***The cost of this group may be covered by your HSA. You will need to check with your insurance provider.

Register for your prescreen here