Why This Worksheet Ever wonder why we aren’t able to move past situations? Most times we haven’t acknowledged, processed and accepted the situation. The Acknowledge, Process and Accept worksheet is designed to help you do just that. The worksheet has poignant questions that will help you consider your experiences in a unique manner. Before we

The holiday season is an exciting time of year. However, many people dread the holiday season because they don’t have good relationships with family, holidays bring up bad memories from childhood or the death of significant loved. Also, holidays might be challenging if you aren’t able to be near the people you cherish most. Thanksgiving

Postpartum Counseling According to the CDC, 1 in 8 women experience postpartum depression/anxiety. At Kaleidoscope Counseling we help mothers cope with the challenges of parenting, postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety and challenges with managing being a mother along with other life responsibilities. Having depression and anxiety during pregnancy and after pregnancy is common, but not often discussed.

What Election Stress Is If you find yourself feeling anxious, stressed, sleepless, depressed or simply overwhelmed with anger following the election you are not alone. Post Election anxiety has been reported by many people of all ages and ethnicities.  Long term anxiety has many physical effects on the body as well as the mind. Prolonged

Anxiety and its Trickle Down Effect Nature versus nurture is a timeless topic in the arena of mental health. However, one thing is for certain: like all aspects of health, mental health can affect your parenting. Do you remember when your baby would cry, if you raised your voice or laughed really loud? Children are

Do you find yourself becoming aware of your anxiety, only after you have lost minutes or even an hour out of your day? Early warning signs of anxiety can help before worry and fear becomes overwhelming. Recognizing the early warning signs associated with anxiety is key to overcoming problematic anxiety. By learning how to monitor

In our busy lives we often can let the day get away from us without engaging in an act of self-care. Whether the issue is time, not knowing where to start, or feeling “guilty” or “selfish” for doing something for ourselves we miss the opportunity to engage in self-care. Journaling is an excellent place to

Anxiety can be managed by avoiding things that cause us to feel anxious. There can be some situations where this may not be effective such as the case of specific phobias. In which case, debility facing anxiety provokers may be the most helpful. However, with general anxiety it can be helpful to avoid triggers for