Self Care: Engaging in Journaling

In our busy lives we often can let the day get away from us without engaging in an act of self-care. Whether the issue is time, not knowing where to start, or feeling “guilty” or “selfish” for doing something for ourselves we miss the opportunity to engage in self-care.

Journaling is an excellent place to begin the process of self-care. By taking care of yourself you will learn to live in the present moment and strive to be the best version of you for yourself as well as others.

Getting started. Your journal should be a safe place to process your thoughts (good or bad) and reflect on the positives from the day.

Precaution, I often hear from my client’s a sense of pressure that they will write the wrong thing or that the thought of writing about their feelings is too overwhelming. To this I answer, nothing you write is right or wrong. Journaling is a place to write whatever you are thinking or feeling, positive or negative.

A powerful benefit of journaling is that it allows us to reflect and to begin to tap into our cognitions or self-talk that can be so automatic that we don’t realize the effects that it can have on us. Overtime you will see in writing the effects that negative self-talk has on your emotions and that by replacing your automatic thoughts with present or reality based thoughts you have the ability to control your mood versus letting your emotions control you.

Start today! Give yourself permission to nourish yourself and consequently those around you by taking care of yourself whether it be through journaling or another act of self-care i.e. therapy or exercise.

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