Is anger bad? Would you be surprised if I told you feeling angry is not necessarily a, “bad” thing? Anger is an emotion, and is similar to other emotions such as happiness, sadness, or fearfulness. It is beneficial to avoid labeling emotions as either “good” or “bad”. By acknowledging and accepting emotions you can begin

Do you find yourself becoming aware of your anxiety, only after you have lost minutes or even an hour out of your day? Early warning signs of anxiety can help before worry and fear becomes overwhelming. Recognizing the early warning signs associated with anxiety is key to overcoming problematic anxiety. By learning how to monitor

In our busy lives we often can let the day get away from us without engaging in an act of self-care. Whether the issue is time, not knowing where to start, or feeling “guilty” or “selfish” for doing something for ourselves we miss the opportunity to engage in self-care. Journaling is an excellent place to

Anxiety can be managed by avoiding things that cause us to feel anxious. There can be some situations where this may not be effective such as the case of specific phobias. In which case, debility facing anxiety provokers may be the most helpful. However, with general anxiety it can be helpful to avoid triggers for

Communication problems are the leading reason for couples seeking counseling. In marriages, people do not assert their needs effectively i.e. in a way that is understood by their partner. Needs are not stated due to fear that your spouse will be hurt or will not meet your needs. When needs are stated they are done